VMAT-2  Deployment  Command


Patrice Klein, MS, VMD, DACPV, DACVPM - Team Commander

Patty is originally from Long Island, New York.  She serves as the Team Leader for VMAT 2 and has served in VMAT since 2001.  She has been performing veterinary medicine 1988. Patty’s pets include Russian Tortoise named Turltle, Macaw named Trooper, cats Eclipse, Tux and Taz.  Eclipse is 21 years old and Trooper is 25 years old!!  Patty also works full time for the USDA/APHIS as a veterinary avian disease specialist.  She attended the University of PA, St Johns University, UC Davis and St John Hopkins School of Medicine and earned the degrees of Masters of Science in Toxicology, and her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.  She also earned the additional professional designations of Diplomat in the American College of Avian Pathology and Diplomat in the American College of Veterinary Preventative Medicine.  Patty’s hobbies include wildlife rehabilitation, operas, hiking, canoeing, and sleeping!  She also speaks Spanish.  She loves to sing but according to her cannot carry a tune!  She is most proud of learning how to “dry-wall” and is most proud of the VMAT 2 team. 

Audrey Kukwa - Administration
James Aiello - Safety

Jim was raised in Rockville Centre, New York and currently resides in Southwest Ranches, Florida with his wife, Lori Meacham, DVM, and their menagerie.  The menagerie consists of three children, Katie, Mike, and Clare and in addition four horses, seven dogs, ten cats, and one parrot.  He did not want to bore you with all the four-legged family members’ names.  Jim earned his Master of Public Administration degree from the University of Miami and Florida International University.  His many hobbies include kayaking, white water rafting, hiking, motorcycle touring, and analyzing the stock market.  He recently joined VMAT-2, but has many years as a fire fighter and extensive emergency and safety training.  He is proud of anything in life he has done that made someone else’s life a little better. 

Bob Mauck - Safety

Bob is originally from Northwest, Indiana.  He serves as Safety Officer for VMAT 2 and has served in VMAT since 2004.  Bob’s specialty is safety and security and went to the Indiana University of Business and Communications as well as the Ivy Tech Fire Science School.  Bob’s pets include cats Smokey, Lucky and a rescued stray that does not have a name yet.  He has a daughter Jennifer and son Steven.  Bob’s hobbies include glass etching and emergency work.  He even went to New Mexico for classes in glass etching! Bob is most proud of his membership to VMAT 2 especially since he is not involved in the veterinary industry.


Kathleen Becker, DVM, MEng - Telecommunications Specialist

Kathleen is originally from Louisville, Kentucky but currently resides in Floyd, Virginia.  Kathleen serves as the Communication Officer for VMAT 2.  She had been in veterinary medicine for 20 years and specialized in equine care and rescue.  Kathleen has been a member of VMAT for 2 years.  Kathleen’s pets include 3 cats, Scout, Dill and Spazzy.  Kathleen’s picture of Spazzy won a photography award a few years ago.     Her beloved horse Majestic passed away but lived 26 years.  Kathleen has both a Bachelor of Science and Masters of Engineering degrees from University of Louisville and a DVM from Auburn University   Her hobbies and interests are TNTC! (Too numerous to count)  Kathleen participates in general and large animal rescue but was a proud member of TRACER, Technical Rope & Cave Emergency Response.  This elite group specializes in swift water rescue, cave rescues and “high angle” rescues such as on high ledges.  It is no surprise that she passed all the individual tests within one day!  Her other hobbies include disaster and emergency preparedness, videography and communications.  It probably comes at no surprise to know that Kathleen is an avid ham radio operator (call sign WK4AB).